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In this country we are lucky to have many excellent container shipping companies. You may feel overwhelmed when first looking into these companies what with all the documents, prices and necessities. Take a deep breath and read our mini guide below.
Firstly, let’s deal with something that usually worries most of us – cost. There is a very good comparison company purely for this type of shipping, called Delivery Quote Compare. It’s easy to use, quick and the companies get back to you so you can get on with sorting out the actual goods for shipping.
Secondly, how will you transport your haulage? Will it be by road, sea or air? Obviously whichever option you choose will drastically differ in price so decide this factor way before you begin your comparisons. It will also make a difference to what type of shipping container you will require as you will have to obey international importing rules and regulations.

Next, check with the country of origin and destination as to what customs clearance and fees you may have to pay on your import or export. All countries differ in what they will allow into the country and by what method.
Aligned with the above is also something called IHC, which stands for Inland Haulage charges, this is the transportation cost of moving goods from a specific inland container freight station (such as the  ones in Felixstowe or Southampton) to the designated sea port of loading or from the sea port to the freight station.  THC however stands for Terminal Handling Charges.  These are the fees payable to port terminals for handling equipment.

After you’ve wrapped your head around the above and booked your container and shipping company, you’ll need to have your container professionally packed. The reason for this is most companies will not offer you insurance if you either do it yourself or have no way of proving it was packed in the correct manner. Some companies will even offer to provide people to pack your container for you, for a nominal charge. When it comes to this – go with your gut. You should have already researched your chosen company enough to feel confident in their abilities so if they provide a packing service, use it. It’ll save you a lot of time, money and hassle in the long run and you will be able to check the container before shipping. Alternatively they may allow you to be present while they pack the container.

Do not forget to acquire all the necessary documents for the unloading part of your haulage as well; otherwise your container could be held at customs or, worse still, sent back to its port of origin. If you are ever in any doubt, ask your haulage company every little question that may arise. If they are worth your business, then they will not hesitate to answer these questions you have.


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