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40ft Container Haulage

Haulage for 40ft container

Are you considering purchasing or hiring a 40ft container but don’t know how it’ll be transported? Well below we’ve answered some of the most commonly asked questions about just that.

Do I have to collect the container myself or organise transportation to my location?
No, most container companies will sort out delivery for you as part of the overall cost. If the delivery destination is particular difficult to get to or to drop off the container, a HIAB lorry may be used but this also adds to the cost so bear this in mind.

How will my container be delivered if this is the case?
A HIAB lorry will deliver your container. HIAB Lorries are flatbeds with a crane built in.

What if there is no road access where I need the container?
Because of the use of HIAB lorries, the delivery drivers can crane your container over buildings and walls.

How can I be sure that a company can deliver the container to me or my destination?
Many companies will offer to come out and survey the site so that you and they can be assured that the delivery is possible.

What transport ways are available to me for my container?
40ft containers can be delivered to your destination by sea, road or even rail in some places.

What are the main sea ports in the UK that my container can depart from?
In the UK, we have several sea ports that accept containers. These are Southampton, Felixstowe, Tilbury, Thamesport, Liverpool and Teesport.

Do I have to buy the 40ft container?
The most simple answer to this question is – no. Unless you want to drastically alter the container or use it for long term storage, office space or shipping, then you may want to look into hiring a container on a short term basis instead.

Is there another option to having a static 40ft container on my property?
Yes, there is such a thing as a pop up container and they come in a variety of sizes, can be flat packed and put together by you, rather easily. This will bring down the costs of shipping your container as well as buying or renting it out.

How do I find the best price for haulage of my container?
Shop around, many agents offer different prices, pros and cons, insurances and contacts when looking at shipping to another country or within this country. Check reviews and ask previous customers how their experiences have been with a particular agent.


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