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20ft Shipping Container Haulage

Container Haulage for 20ft containers

When you hear a 20ft container it sounds huge but most of us wouldn’t be able to comprehend the actual size without seeing it for themselves. So how do you know if it’s big enough?
The best way to imagine how much space one of these containers has is by thinking a 3 bedroom households items can fit into one 20ft container easily.
Here is a quick table that shows you the size of a standard 20ft container in imperial and metric –

Inside Length

Inside Width

Inside Height

Door Width

Door Height

Volume Capacity

Tare Weight

Max Cargo

















 With this in mind, it’s not hard to see why the 20ft containers are the most popular, they are fairly cheap and they’re also some of the most versatile as they can be simply adapted to fit any purpose and can ship a variety of goods.
When using these containers to transport household effects overseas for removal, you will need to make sure that they are certified and plated to conform to ISO standards. This will also reduce shipping costs because ISO containers can be stacked upon each other for the length of the journey, instead of having to be put on the deck and classified as expensive cargo.  For this reason ISO shipping containers come in two standard sizes of 8ft x 20ft and 8ft x 40ft. 

If you want to use a 20ft container as an economical storage unit as they are safe, long lasting and, being made from galvanised steel to protect against corrosion and leaks, pretty strong.  This also makes them very hard to break into. The reason these are a good alternative to self storage places is because the price of a 20ft shipping container keeps coming down since the UK ships more goods into the country than out – so we have lots of unused containers laying around, they get sold on for a severely reduce price then the savings are passed onto the consumers. If you want to use these for something that could be damaged by water or cold, have the container insulated and lined before use.
Another brilliant advantage of the 20ft containers when used for storage is that you can modify them totally to fit your needs. Before the container is resold, they can be chopped around to any size you desire and fitting new doors – meaning you can have the doors placed wherever you need them on the container. If you are tight on space, think about fitting side doors instead of the standard front opening doors.




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